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Daily life sometimes causes stress or mood disorders.

We deserve a full life and therefore there are professionals who can help us to treat these problems and restore our well-being.

We do not always have time to find and go face to face with the psychologist or receive the attention of a psychiatrist and therefore Omnidoctor gives you the way to have it always available to you through online psychological help.

Remote psychology / psychiatry is being used by telephone but we want to make it even closer.

Whether it’s a medical problem or an emotional ailment, you can find the right professional in Omnidoctor.

Far from being a virtual psychologist or psychiatrist, it is someone in the flesh who is willing to listen and help you.

Contact and chat in a simple way, without commuting and with total discretion, privacy and comfort from where you want, with psychologists and psychiatrists of recognized experience who are also trained in telemedicine. Through the psychological consultations online, you will understand and help, both for a moment of crisis on time and in subsequent follow-up visits and accompaniment with the professional you choose.

Also without closing times: it’s like having a 24-hour medical appointment open

What do we treat?

All kinds of psychological and psychiatric pictures that can be treated on an outpatient basis quickly and effectively through videoconference, as well as the possibility of performing online psychotherapy.

Most common psychology/psychiatry conditions we deal with


States of sadness and depressive moods


Dependence on toxic substances or addictive habits.


States of nervousness and anxiety, panic attacks


Sexual health

Problems in intimate relationships, such as lack of libido, erection problems, premature ejaculation, among others.

Eating Disorders

Anorexia Bulimia

Social phobia

Fear of appearing in public, extreme shyness

Relationship Issues

Conflicts of a partner or in social groups

Traumas and losses

Grief, loss of employment, overcoming accidents or traumatic life events


response of the organism to a level of activity higher than that which can be tolerated, with symptoms such as nervousness, lack of concentration, etc.

Sexual abuse

if you suffered or suffer situations that you consider abusive in this regard



What we cannot treat?

We can not solve from the platform: psychotic outbreaks, gender violence or chemical overdose.

Our professionals will also not prescribe narcotic drugs (opiates).

In the terms and conditions of our platform, it is clearly stated what kind of pathologies can be treated.

At Omnidoctor we do not treat emergencies or serious crisis situations. If you think you are suffering one do not hesitate to call 112 or go to your nearest medical center.